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April 2006

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Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Portrait of People of Heart

With their vision, faith, and deeds, people of heart are integrated heroes of spirituality. Their profundity relies not on their knowledge or acquisitions, but on the richness of their hearts, the pur... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Salih Uyar

How Should We Sleep

Human beings spend about one third of their life sleeping. But the place of sleep in the life of human beings is not restricted to this time; the quality of a person’s sleep also affects the waking ho... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Muhammet Mertek

In Search of Peace On Integration Problems and Provocations

After the series of violent events in France, the Muslim immigrants in European ghettos and their integration into society have become a hot topic. People shuddered when watching the burning shops and... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Mesut Sahin

Neural Prosthetics Where Man-Made Systems Tap Into the Works of Divine Wisdom

In medical sciences, among many other subjects, we learn about human body parts (anatomy), how the body functions at the cellular (biology) and systemic levels (physiology), its diseases (pathology), ... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Nuh Gedik

Supernova Explosion and a Miracle of The Qur'an

...And We sent down Iron, in which is great might, as well as many benefits for mankind... (Hadid 57:25) The above verse in the holy Qur’an uses the Arabic expression "anzalna"which means "sent d read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Cafer Tayyar Yavuz

15 Minutes

Most of us don’t worry about 15 minutes, which perhaps is no time at all. In 15 minutes, it is hard to drive to work; it is hard to read a newspaper or even to eat a filling meal. However, this very s... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Kamran Mofid

Nursi on Materialism

Materialism is an ideological movement that destroys spiritual values and distances people from religion. Today, sadly, a vast majority of the societies globally, consciously or not, remain under the ... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Ertan Salik

Pinhole Cameras, Imaging, and The Eye

Cameras, eyes, telescopes, microscopes are various imaging systems. In general, everyone knows that an imaging system has one or multiple lenses. Interestingly, one can also make a camera without usin... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Safak Ozturk

A Message from Glowworms

Professor Joachim Illies was stunned when he observed the luminescent behavior of the glowworms-Arachnocampa luminosa-found in the Waitomo caves of the islands to the north of New Zealand. He describe... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Mustafa Nutku

Ozone Curtain

The issue which has occupied the agenda of the entire world in this century is the environment. As a matter of fact mankind can never be considered indifferent to this phenomenon of environment for we... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Pavel A. Kovganko

Medication, Pregnancy and God's Will

Pregnancy is a unique condition for women, and childbirth has always been considered to be one of the most important events in a woman’s life. Maternity has always been highly respected and esteemed. ... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Mehmet A. Ocak

Towards a Multicultural Society and Education

Democratic societies are strengthened by fundamental principles, such as freedom, equality, and justice. To keep the identities of people who produce knowledge and research quiet seems paradoxical in ... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Dr. Selim Aydin

Seismologist Termites

All living organisms have the peculiar feature of being equipped with special biological devices that warn and inform them about the changes occurring in the environment in which they live. These orga... read more..

Issue 54 (April - June 2006)
Hikmet Isik

As God already gives His blessings and peace to the Prophet Muhammad...

As God already gives His blessings and peace to the Prophet Muhammad, what is the wisdom in our invoking God’s blessings and peace upon him? Does he need our invocations? The Prophet Muhammad is like... read more..

Issue 55 (July - September 2006)
The Fountain

The Authorized Guide

What does a painting have to offer for us? How many messages can a painting hide for people to decipher? Perhaps never as many as the Mona Lisa can! Is she smiling or smirking? Whose is it a portrait ... read more..

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