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November 2018

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Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
The Fountain

Editorial (Pain Doesn’t Differ)

Sight is one of the most miraculous things for which we can never be thankful enough. Our eyes serve as windows connecting our inner life with the outer world. In “Retina the Mind-Boggler,” Dr. Serran... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Dawn upon Dawn – Once upon a Time

In an era when many parts of the world were defeated by darkness, our horizon was everywhere emblazoned with colors, and the festivals of dawn came one after another. At breakneck speed were the heral... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Omer Serranur

Retina: the Mind-Boggler

The eye is a miracle as it is. Even though we have a rough understanding of its basic anatomy, we are confronted with a much more complex miracle when we venture into the intricacies of its anatomy an... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Sophia Pandya

Pain Doesn’t Differ: Turkish Refugees Help Greek Fire Victims

Gasparetto (not his real name)[1] was a young Turkish medical student when he was arrested and imprisoned for eight months by Turkey’s government, merely for his connection to the Hizmet, a social mov... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Atif Yorulmaz

Embryonic Stem Cells: What Do They Hold in Store?

Embryonic stem cells are cells in the early stages of embryonic development when a fertilized egg cell is divided first into two cells and then into four, eight, and sixteen. Each grows into a brand read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Jan McDaniel

Love and Suicide

The day my husband died, my work for a newspaper had taken me out of the office to do interviews and take pictures. I hurried back to my computer because I wanted to finish early. The man I had loved ... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Numan Erciyes

How Do Animals Survive?

We live in a magnificent world inhabited by approximately 8,700,000 species. This number includes only general species, not subspecies. Scientists discover around 2,500 new species every year, and the... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Sumeyra Koc

Demise of Academia: A Sad Case Which Should Not Have Been in the 21st Century

Being an academic is not an easy thing. In many countries, it seems you are always between a rock and a hard place when you are in academia. Politics permeate the academic halls, where positions might... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Mushahada (Observation)

Mushahada (observation) means using insight to see in Divine Acts the Divine Names that give existence to them, and to become aware, in the manifestation of the Names, of the All-Holy One Who is calle... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Seth Mette

A Letter from Radon

Radon is one of the noble gases in the periodic table. It is the heaviest, naturally occurring one among them. Due to its size, it is the most likely to establish compounds with other elements, comp read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Omer Serranur

Sleep Wellness: What to Do for It?

Sleep is a period of renewal that prepares us for the new day and enables our brain and body to perform duties that they cannot while awake. Growing numbers of businesses are including good sleep read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Justin Pahl

Nature and Environment in Contemporary Religious Contexts

It’s no secret – or at least it shouldn’t be – that climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. Very recently, a report came out saying that the planet could be facing serious cons... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Haci Kerem

Gravitational Waves: A Universal Force

Gravitational waves can be defined as the vibration of space-time. Sky is an ocean in which the waves are stationary. When you throw a rock into the water, when a taut rope is plucked, when a spr read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Ghazala Mulla, Sufyan Ahmed Ghawte, Ajma K.T.

Aromatherapy and Unani Medicine (Greco-Arabic Medicine): Scope and Application

Every essential oil gets its uniqueness not just due to one of its components but because of its delicate and complex admixture. The individual perfume and therapeutic value of each essential oil de read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Nuh Yilmaz

Beware: Radiation!

Radiation, which refers to emissions of light or particles, is a type of energy transfer. Radiation takes place at any given moment in the environment or the body. Among sources of radiation to which ... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
The Fountain

The Powerful Elite and the Challenge of Truth

Question: Why are the elite having difficulty in accepting truths? Answer: In every period of history, as well as today, there exists an oligarchical minority who try to suppress people who think dif... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 126)

Biggest extinction in Earth’s history caused by global warming—and how it could happen again Penn JL et al. Temperature-dependent hypoxia explains biogeography and severity of end-Permian marine mass... read more..

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