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March 2024

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Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
The Fountain

Editorial: Seeking Solace from “Cancellation”

Holding abusive people accountable is important, but aren’t we overstepping a bit on this? In our digital age, many of us with a smart phone feel like we have a responsibility to “correct&... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Enchanting World of the Houses of Worship

Houses of worship play a pivotal role in showcasing a significant aspect of Islamic culture. When viewed as comprehensive complexes with their facilities, masjids or mosques embody a distinctive herit... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
Selim Cakir

Probable or Definite?

Physics is one major scientific discipline that helps us understand the universe. While classical Physics is more about the world and things we can observe, we study the matter at the atomic and subat... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
Lyndsey Eksili

Rising Above Cancel Culture: A Call for Compassion and Growth

In 2017, a Harris County Assistant District Attorney in Texas became involved in a case of mistaken identity after a woman with the same name posted racist remarks about African American women on Twit... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
Naim Yilmaz


A holistic perspective on the universe reveals one common feature at all levels of existence: cooperation. From cells and tissues in our body to communities helping one another, cooperation is a key d... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
Sumeyra Tosun

I Speak, I Think and I am

The presence of language stands as a defining human characteristic, setting us apart from other species. Even in early infancy, infants show positive responses to their exposure language's melodies an... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Perfect Man-1

Also known as the perfect man (al-insanu’l-kamil), the universal man is the brightest mirror of God’s Acts, Names, Attributes, and even His Essential Qualities that qualify Him as God. There is a rule... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
Mustafa Ridvan

Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic Diets and Neurological Disorders

Fasting has been practiced for thousands of years throughout the history of mankind, driven by various motives such as spiritual cleansing, cultivating a stronger connection with God, reaping health b... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
Adam Brown

Burning Books or Preserving Them?

Memorization is an important tool in human development. We memorize for school, learning languages, or for stage performances. Despite criticisms that memorization often comes without understanding an... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
Joseph Chitwara M.Afr.

The Three Shirts of Joseph

One of the Jewish prayers says: “Ah, what is man that you should keep him in mind, the son of man that you care for him. Yet you have made him little less than a God you have crowned him with glory an... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
The Fountain

Globalization, Identity, and Inclusivity

It was believed that globalization would lead to the diminishing of cultural differences, dilute individual and group identities, and suppress nationalist sentiments. The expectation was that as the w... read more..

Issue 158 (Mar - Apr 2024)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 158)

A mysterious object discovered in the Milky Way Barr DE et al. A pulsar in a binary with a compact object in the mass gap between neutron stars and black holes. Science, January 2024. Astronomers us... read more..

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